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Why Raiders?

Prepare for World Class


Though many Raiders choose to make the corps their home until they age out of DCI, others successfully continue their drum corps career with top World Class corps.

Enjoy a Shorter Tour


A summer with the Raiders demands the highest level of performance from members, but our schedule is not as rigorous as a full DCI tour. After move-ins and a local tour, we end our national tour with a performance at DCI Championships in Indianapolis.

DCI at Half the Cost


We keep tuition low while still offering a great DCI experience. The Raiders are one-half the cost of other local corps and one-quarter the cost of a travel sports team — and we offer a nearly year-round program.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Members must be age 21 or younger as of May 31 of the current season. Members must also remain in good standing by adhering to our rules and policies and by meeting all membership obligations in a timely manner.

NOTE: Sign up for more information to learn about our schedule plans for the 2021 season.

Members can join any time throughout the year until all performance and alternate spots are full. Our rehearsal season begins in November with auditions on Sundays in various locations and continues with rehearsal weekends (Friday night through Sunday afternoon) once a month through April. Rehearsals increase frequency in May and June, and our move-ins begin in June. After a break, we return for our mini-tour, and after another short break, we return for our national tour that brings us to DCI Championships in Indianapolis.

Unlike other DCI corps, our schedule allows for family vacations in the summer if coordinated with our schedule.

Drum and bugle corps is a marching art form mixed with pageantry requiring the highest level of athleticism and performance to create complex productions. While talent is an important factor, you are ready to be a Raider if you are willing to learn and work hard.

Auditions take place during the winter and spring, where aspiring Raiders receive feedback from our world-class educational staff. The corps offers online auditions by video for anyone who lives a large distance from our rehearsal location.

The Raiders Drum & Bugle Corps provides a program in music and performance training. Leader- ship, personal character, and social development skills are emphasized through the challenge, excitement, and self-discipline presented by the corps through travel, competition, and pursuit of excellence.

We maintain contact with our members’ parents. There is a Facebook group as well as a Slack channel that help us provide up-to-date information for parents.

All parents are welcome to attend any audition or rehearsal. During our Open House camps, we will have parents’ meetings where we will offer an overview of the Raiders and all details pertaining to the members’ commitment of staying with the corps through the entire season upon successful auditions.

Many parents volunteer to help the Raiders at our weekend camps or on tour. While we have an extensive staff and administration, many parents enjoy being around the group and helping out in various ways, whether for a few hours over the course of one weekend, staying with the corps for an entire weekend, or joining us for a segment of our tour.

Some of the roles parents help with include food preparation or service, driving (whether airport runs or one of our corps vehicles), building props, helping move equipment for our performances, our managing our souvenirs. Email if you are interested in volunteer opportunities.

The following information pertains to our 2020 season. We will update this section with the cost to participate in the fall 2020 through the summer 2021 as soon as possible.

Auditions, experience days, and virtual camps are free.

The Raiders Drum & Bugle Corps offers the best value among drum corps, and possibly among most youth summer activities.

We keep tuition fees low while still offering many benefits you see in expensive DCI World Class corps.

Tuition pays for instruction, equipment, meals, travel and transportation, rehearsal facilities, and housing. Everything a member needs while with the corps is provided by the organization.

We will not turn anyone away for financial reasons, and we offer assistance to all who need it. We offer fundraising opportunities, scholarships, sponsorships, and other opportunities for credits to help reduce the total cost.

The Raiders are approximately one-half the cost of other local drum corps and one-quarter the cost of a travel sports team—and we include a nearly year-round program.

Rehearsal camps are $75 each when registering in advance. Virtual camps are free.

There is a one-time registration fee of $150 for all members who continue after auditions. We recommend attending all camps to guarantee your spot in the drum corps. Special consideration will be taken for members who live over 250 miles away. The $150 fee is waived for anyone attending only virtual camps in 2020.

Full tuition is $2,200. Discounts for multiple-year members, fundraising credits, scholarships, and sponsorship are available to reduce that fee. 

The full tuition is due by February 1. An optional monthly payment plan is available. On the payment plan, the full tuition is $2,400 (minus any discounts or credits) and must be paid in full by June 15 to remain in good standing.

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